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About us

We want to create a virtual HQ experience which surpasses the physical one in human connection, transparency, and expressiveness.

Humans like the feeling of community; it makes us less anxious and helps us be more effective. This sense of community gives us the strength to dream and dream big!

For centuries, offices have helped companies to bring their teams together and create a sense of community. During COVID, companies made do with the lack of social interaction between employees, which resulted in a loss of culture, higher employee churn and reduced creativity. For most employees working from home gives them the freedom to live anywhere and more time with family and friends.

Currently, leadership in most companies are finding ways to bring teams more to the office and employees want flexibility. Cosmos wants to resolve this ongoing tension. We believe there is a world where working remotely can be better than working from a physical office space. We also believe that the current remote work setup with - Hybrid offices, Slack and Zoom is sub-par.

To achieve our mission, we will make Physical Offices, Slack and Zoom obsolete and be the central communication place inside every company.

Today, 100+ companies use Cosmos daily, and more than 35% of our users spend 4+ hrs daily on Cosmos. We are a small team of 5, backed by Europe’s top investors, including LocalGlobe and Entrepreneur First.


  1. Selflessness: you seek what is best for Cosmos, not yourself or your team. You debate ideas openly and help implement whatever decision is made even when you disagree.

  2. What customers say is the only thing that matters

  3. Experiment, Ship and Fail fast

  4. Be result-oriented and not process oriented. It is okay to be messy.

  5. Judgement: you make wise decisions despite ambiguity. You use data to inform your intuition and choices and look beyond symptoms to identify systemic issues.

  6. If we do the right things, we will make money as a by-product. Revenue and profits are more important than valuation.

  7. Cosmos is not a place for bureaucracy, politics, energy takers, and negative talk.

  8. Achieving our mission is a marathon and not a sprint. Celebrating small wins and being outdoorsy helps - hike, run, cycle, climb, swim.